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Fast-track Recovery: Why Opt for a Lymphatic Massage After Plastic Surgery

Just had plastic surgery? Speed up liposuction recovery time and optimize results! Lymphatic drainage massage, a gentle post-op technique, offers fantastic benefits, such as significantly reducing swelling and discomfort.

By promoting the body's natural detoxification process, this massage helps clear fluids and waste products, leading to faster healing and a smoother recovery timeline.


Unlocking the Power of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body.

The lymph system is the body’s natural cleansing mechanism, getting rid of toxic fluids from cells.

When the lymphatic system is healthy and works properly, the body is able to to regenerate tissues, drain fluids, filter out foreign substances and boost the immune system.

When the lymph system doesn’t work well, and the cleansing process is compromised, our body starts to swell, and we may feel tired and even sick.

Luckily, another benefit of lymphatic drainage massage is increased circulation and energy levels, thus a natural way to combat fatigue.

Unveiling the Technique

In Lymphatic drainage massage, we move around the body in a systematic order. We follow the natural lymph flow and maximise the drainage of excess fluid.

By massaging an area without swelling, we will make space for fluid to flow to those parts from more congested areas.

In Lymphatic drainage massage, we aim to bring all the lymph back to its normal path towards the venous angles. Here, the blood is filtered by the kidney, and the extra fluid is urinated out.

Lymphatic drainage massage should not be painful at all as the pressure is very light.

Reduce Swelling Faster: How Lymphatic Drainage Massage Can Aid

The lymphatic system is similar to the cardiovascular system. Because it helps the body manage fluid balance, defends it from infection, and delivers nutrients while carrying away toxins and waste products.

The lymphatic system doesn’t rely on its own pump tough, as the circulatory system does with the heart.

Therefore, to move fluid around the body, the lymphatic system relies on muscle contraction and physical manipulation to function normally.

This is why lymphatic drainage massage becomes so important, especially for those who don’t move too much or have excessive post-op swelling.

In fact, this type of massage can also be game-changing for those who are under a lot of stress, fatigued, fighting a disease, or recovering from surgery. Under these conditions, the natural drainage process may be slowed down.

Research has proven the Effectiveness of Manual Lymphatic Drainage in reducing swelling and visible puffiness after Orthopaedic injuries, such as reducing swollen legs after hip surgery.

Lymphatic drainage massage was developed to help people suffering from Lymphedema.

This condition is a chronic swelling due to damage or removal of lymph nodes, usually as part of cancer treatment, such as a mastectomy surgery.

Look and Feel Your Best Faster: The Power of Lymphatic Drainage Massage After Plastic Surgery

All cosmetic surgeries produce swelling to some extent. Plastic surgery disrupts the natural pathways taken by the lymphatic system affecting the body’s normal healing process.

In these procedures, the lymph drifts out into surrounding tissue, swelling it as a result.

As we mentioned, sometimes the body struggles to move this fluid on its own, and manual lymphatic drainage massage can make a great difference.

Facelift Recovery Time & Skin

A plastic surgery impacting the face, such as a rhinoplasty, can produce months of swelling. Because we have the highest concentration of lymph nodes in our face and neck.


In our clinical experience, we found that people who undergo facelifts often experience very visible swelling. This can be a source of discomfort and anxiety.

So, Facial lymphatic drainage massage offers a noninvasive solution to address this concern. It can effectively reduce puffiness and swelling, promote relaxation, and reduce post-operative stress.

For example, Research conducted in 2017 found that people who received manual lymphatic drainage after jaw surgery drained fluid much faster and experienced a reduction in swelling and puffiness.

Another study in 2015 found a link between impaired lymphatic function and sagging of the skin.

Moreover, lymphatic drainage massage has advantages beyond reducing swelling. It can also promote healthy and more radiant skin.

Conditions like puffiness, acne, dryness, dullness, and even skin sensitivity can be improved and even resolved by simple lymphatic stimulation. This is because it helps the body detox and heal.

Lymphatic drainage massage can enhance the quality of the skin. Because it bathes the facial cells in fluid, thus making the skin look more youthful and alive, reduce puffiness under the eyes.

Liposuction Recovery Time

Other cosmetic procedures, such as inner thigh liposuction and tummy tucks affect extensive areas so recovery time is usually quite long. Because they often cause a great amount of lymphatic swelling.

Some people just take longer to flush the fluid post-op. But, thanks to lymphatic drainage massage, we are able to speed up recovery time post-inner thigh liposuction. As we can help to improve the circulation of stagnant fluids post op.

Lymphatic drainage massage also gained popularity as a natural, noninvasive treatment commonly used for cosmetic reasons, such as bloat, cellulite, and rosacea.

A 2010 study in the Journal of The European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology found that repeated lymphatic drainage massage helps to reduce fat and thigh circumference by 1-3 mm.

Plastic Surgery Recovery: A Step-by-Step Guide to Lymphatic Drainage Massage

How Often Should You Get This Treatment?

The frequency of treatments depends on your situation and goals, ranging from once per month to once per week. Get in touch, and we will be able to advise you accordingly.

What to Expect

Keep the following tips in mind during a lymphatic massage:

  • Massage movements should affect only the skin. So we use gentle pressure and do not press hard enough to feel the muscles.

  • We don't massage swollen or infected areas.

  • We don't massage areas of the body that have undergone treatment for cancer.

  • During the massage, there should be no pain or skin reddening.

  • We don't use lotions or other products. Oil can create too much friction on the skin. This can make it difficult for the therapist to perform these light, precise movements.

Before You Book: Conditions to Discuss Before Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is usually safe for most people, but we would advise against receiving it in case you have:

  • Kidney problems

  • Blood clots

  • Infections

  • Circulation problems

In addition we would recommend to consult your doctor first in case you suffer from certain conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome or diverticulosis.

Maximize Your Recovery: Tips to Enhance Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefits After Plastic Surgery

Compressive stockings

Compressive garments apply gradual pressure throughout the day, similar to the massage, which can help maintain this improved lymph flow even after the massage session ends.

In fact, compression stockings can be a valuable tool for post-op recovery. If your doctor has advised you to wear them, they will also provide specific instructions on when to remove them after surgery.

It could be really helpful to combine Lymphatic drainage massage treatments with compression (if the area affected is the legs), exercise, and skin care, as these can all improve circulation throughout the lymphatic system.


Exercise acts as a natural complement to lymphatic drainage massage. The massage helps to manually move lymph fluid, while exercise enhances the body's natural ability to circulate and eliminate waste products.

Engaging in a variety of exercises, from low-impact activities like walking or swimming, to more vigorous activities like strength training. This will provide well-rounded benefits for your lymphatic system.


Besides, make sure to prioritise proper hydration for 48 hours post-treatment, as drinking plenty of fluid promotes proper drainage.


Healthy Eating

You may also want to opt for fruit and vegetables and avoid food rich in salt and highly processed, as these could slow down the filtering process. Read our tips on how to create a simple healthy eating week plan.

Dry brushing

A simple yet very effective DIY method how to improve lymphatic drainage in legs is Dry brushing. It is an easy self-care routine that can boost recovery time post-op inner thigh liposuction.


Book your first appointment today. Boost immunity and get the best results after plastic surgery with our super relaxing Lymphatic drainage massage in London!

Let us know what you think! We hope this article has been informative and has helped you understand the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage in post-op recovery time, particularly after procedures like liposuction or facelifts.

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