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office chair massage london


Alleviate stress & Re-energise


W H A T   I S  O F F I C E   C H A I R   M A S S A G E? 


Office Chair Massage (a.ka. Onsite massage) helps to attract and retain quality employees and help them achieve peak performance. 

We help large businesses to increase sales and retain top-performing employees. Our novel corporate "wellbeing at the workplace" program can effectively improve the health of your staff, reducing sickness absence due to back pain, stress & tension headache, while also boosting employees' satisfaction, motivation and productivity within the workplace. 


We achieve this by offering office massage therapy and workshops for all of your valued staff. Our team will arrive at your workplace with everything we need to provide invigorating office chair massage therapy that lasts between 15 and 60 minutes. 


With the use of ergonomic massage chairs or couches, essential oils’ scents and wireless headphones we will create the perfect relaxing atmosphere for reinvigorating and re-energising your workforce. 

We can provide both chair or table massage, depending on your preference and office space available - there's no need to have a designated gym or treatment room.


We can help you to develop an employee-centric environment, creating a workplace that is inviting, exciting and supportive.

Our corporate office massage services can help you to attract top talents, increase employee productivity while promoting job satisfaction.

We have been working in corporate environments for years and we're very accustomed to treating work-related conditions

such as stress & tension headache, upper & lower back pain.

Some benefits of offering office massage therapy to your employees include:

  •  Improve focus and boost productivity


  •  Stress Relief


  •  Improve posture (by preventing upper & lower back pain conditions) and reduce Health insurance costs

  •  Decrease Absenteeism 

  •  Increased employee retention and improved employee morale

You will get your own booking page unique to your office so staff can book and pay for their massage when convenient to them. 

W H Y    C H O O S E    U S? 

Our parent company, A to Zen Onsite, only specializes in delivering professional massage therapies & wellbeing at the workplace. 

We can provide:


  • High qualified and fully insured therapists



  • No additional work for any member of staff, we take care of all bookings and admin.



  • Competitive pricing 



  • A+ rated business ​

Get in touch for more details about how our remedial on-site program can help your staff to be healthier and more productive. 

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