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"I highly recommend Patrizia as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Having been her client for several years now, I have found her treatment and care exceptional. In particular, I found the Tuina massage extremely helpful for issues with fatigue, digestion and hormonal imbalance. The massage was also very restorative and relaxing. I will definitely be going back to Patrizia in the future.​" - Ann 

What is Chinese Medical Massage (Tui na)?


Rooted in Chinese medicine, tuina is a medical massage that treats a variety of conditions. Tuina practitioners use massage and manipulation techniques to achieve a therapeutic effect, using both their hands and arms.


It directly affects the soft tissues, tendons and joints by improving their mobility and the circulation of blood, fluids and the body energy (Qi, pron. chee) in those areas. By improving the general circulation throughout the body and directly stimulating the pressure points of the meridian system, tuina can also significantly sustain the functions of the internal organs.

By opening, balancing and releasing, tuina is able to treat not only muscular skeletal problems but also any ailment that may be caused by emotional and postural holding that has become unconscious and has been stored within the connective tissues of the body. This leads to a general relaxation and better health but also to significant shifts within the mind and consciousness.

Tuina Medical massage differs from Western massage therapies (such as Deep tissue and Sports massage) because practitioners can use it to treat a range of specific health conditions — not only those related to musculoskeletal health.





Neck Massage

What is Chinese Medical Massage (Tui na) good for?

According to The World Tui-Na Association, the Medical massage can help

with a variety of health problems. These include:

  • musculoskeletal conditions, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic neck and back pain

  • circulatory system conditions, such as hypertension and an irregular heartbeat

  • respiratory system conditions, such as asthma and chronic bronchitis

  • digestive system conditions, such as constipation and stomach ulcers

  • reproductive system conditions, such as menstrual irregularities and sexual dysfunction

At A to Zen therapies we offer the following Chinese Medical Massage (Tui na) treatments: 

  • BACK & SHOULDER/NECK Chinese medical massage (Tui na).


This massage is particularly good for those spending lot of time in front of the screen. It releases the tension built by the continuous strain of the eyes and the postural habits. Very helpful for headaches and migraine too.

  • Chinese Medical massage (Tui na) for LOWER BACK PAIN & LEGS


This treatment is particularly good for sciatica and any type of tension affecting the legs and their mobility. Working on the full length of the back and legs can be either relaxing and reinvigorating. We start with a general relaxation and then we progress in specific areas based on what we find in terms of tensions, contractions, deficiency etc in different areas of the body, providing the support needed. 

In Chinese medicine the lower abdomen stores the pathogen of cold and the emotion of fear. Issues can manifest either at muscular skeletal ie. sciatica or on fertility and genital conditions. Treating the sacrum and hips can access this area by releasing and warming the tissues. Cupping, gua sha  and Moxa might be used too in this massage.





This is a very good massage for releasing what has been held in the lower abdomen, particularly by the Small Intestine. In Chinese medicine this organ has the crucial role in sorting all those emotions that have not been processed and are held into the body causing any sort of discomfort and stagnation. Seen the direct relationship between emotions and menstrual cycle, this massage has amazing impact on any condition and for improving fertility. Emotions have also strong effects on the digestion therefore this release can be of great help in this area too. 


  • Chinese Medical massage (Tui na) for EMOTIONAL THERAPY & RESPIRATORY CONDITIONS


This massage focuses on the back, upper chest and upper limbs. It is particularly useful when we experience emotional states of depression, grief, lack of self-esteem and boundaries.It is very supportive for the Lungs too, making this massage quite impactful for those affected by asthma and respiratory conditions in general. Cupping and gua sha might be used too in this massage.

  • Chinese Medical massage (Tui na) for HEADACHE & MIGRAINE

It is a very good massage for treating emotional upsets by creating space in the chest, improving movement in the diaphragm and anchoring the Qi downwards. Any other condition involving the raising of the Qi to the head will benefit from this massage: headaches, migraines and sensory issues such as vertigo, dizziness and dry eyes. This treatment focuses on the chest and the upper region of the abdomen, but we can include head & face massage for extra relaxation. 



This massage might include some light cupping and gua sha. It is very calming and soothing, generating a sense of relaxation while the improved circulation of blood in the tissues will benefit the appearance and tone of the skin. Depending on your needs, We can focus either on the Face only, Head and face, Face and neck, Face and upper chest


  • FOOT Chinese Medical massage (Tui na)


This massage treats issues around the knees and/or feet including fasciitis. Depending on the issue, some work in the hips/groin area will be required too. It is a great treatment for relaxation.

What to expect? 


This massage is generally performed through a sheet and clients can stay dressed. In some situations it is done on the bare skin, using an ointment for specific results. Cupping, moxa and gua sha are applied on bare skin.


Relaxing Massage
If you are still not certain whether Tuina Medical massage is the right therapy for you,  Please contact us and one of our Acupuncture & Massage therapy experts will be happy to answer any of your questions. 


Our experienced team of holistic practitioners can offer a wide variety of massage near me, providing tailored aftercare advice dependant on your symptoms. We have helped people with a variety of conditions including, but not limited to, emotional problems such as stress, anxiety and depression, combining Tuina with Ear or Facial Acupuncture London


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