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Rediscover your vital energy with Tuina Chinese massage

Feeling Stressed, Aching, or Out of Balance in London? Find Deep Relaxation and renewed Energy with Chinese Massage Nearby!


On this page, we will explain its unique benefits and why you should choose this treatment instead of regular massage therapy.

What Is It

What Is Chinese Tuina Massage?

Tuina is a medical massage rooted in Chinese medicine that treats various conditions. We use massage and manipulation techniques to achieve a therapeutic effect using both hands and arms. 

It directly affects the soft tissues, tendons and joints. Because it improves their mobility and the circulation of blood, fluids and body energy (Qi, pron. chee) in those areas.

Chinese Neck Massage

We enhance the general circulation throughout the body and directly stimulate the pressure points of the meridian system. Therefore tuina can also significantly sustain the functions of the internal organs.

By opening, balancing and releasing, tuina can treat muscular skeletal problems and also any ailment due to emotional and postural holding.


In fact, These holdings are often unconscious and are now within the body's connective tissues.


This effect leads to general relaxation, better health, and significant shifts within the mind and consciousness.

Key Differences

Tuina VS Massage: Unraveling The Key Differences

How Is Chinese Massage Therapy Different From Regular Massage Therapy?

Tuina Medical massage differs from Western massage therapies (such as Deep tissue and Sports massage). Because we use this treatment not only for conditions related to musculoskeletal health but also to heal various health problems. Besides, the pressure we apply is much lighter than in Deep tissue massage.

Tuina is very effective for chronic neck pain and carpal tunnel as a relaxing massage to raise your energy Qi. While we advise you to book a deep tissue massage if you need help with sports injuries.

What Are The Differences Between Thai Massage And Chinese Massage?

While both therapies originate from Eastern philosophy, viewing the body holistically, they differ significantly in their approach.

Firstly, Thai massage techniques include lots of stretching, such as assisted yoga positions. Chinese massage therapists use rhythmic kneading, rolling, and acupressure.

Thai massage can be quite intense, as we use deeper Pressure and lots of movement. Chinese massage uses lighter pressure and focuses more on specific acupoints and meridians.

Besides, In a Thai massage, the main focus is to improve flexibility and joint mobilization. While in Chinese massage we aim to restore balance in the body's energy flow. We focus more on specific medical issues, such as digestive and respiratory conditions.


Thai massage descends from Ayurvedic and Buddhist principles, while Chinese massage is Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles.

shoulders chinese massage

Key Benefits Of Chinese Massage

According to The World Tui-Na Association, Medical massage can help with various health problems. So, Let's dive into what is tui na massage used for:

  • circulatory system conditions, such as hypertension and an irregular heartbeat

  • respiratory system conditions, such as asthma and chronic bronchitis

  • reproductive system conditions, such as menstrual irregularities and sexual dysfunction

​What Is Our Chinese Massage In London Good For?

At A to Zen Therapies, we offer the following Chinese Massage treatments in London:

​Back And Shoulder/Neck Chinese Massage

This massage is perfect for people who spend a lot of time in front of the screen. It is also a great choice for those suffering from chronic neck pain.


It can also release the tension built up by continuous eye strain and postural habits, so it could be very helpful for headaches and migraines.


Lower Back Pain And Legs


Working on the entire back and legs can be relaxing or reinvigorating. So, This treatment is perfect for sciatica and any tension affecting the legs and their mobility. 


Firstly, We start with general relaxation. Then we progress in specific areas based on what we find in tensions, contractions, and deficiency in different body regions. So We provide the support needed. 


In Chinese medicine, the lower abdomen stores the pathogen of cold and the emotion of fear. Issues can manifest either in muscular-skeletal conditions, such as sciatica or in fertility and genital conditions.


Treating the sacrum and hips can access this area by releasing and warming the tissues. This type of massage might also use cupping, gua sha, and Moxa.

Abdominal Release & Detox For Fertility & Digestive Problems


Abdominal Tuina is an excellent massage for releasing emotions held in the lower abdomen, particularly by the Small Intestine. In fact, in Chinese medicine, this organ has a crucial role in sorting all those unprocessed emotions.


This holding may cause discomfort and stagnation.


Because emotions are directly related to the menstrual cycle, this massage significantly impacts any reproductive condition and improves fertility.


Emotions also strongly affect digestion; therefore, this release can help substantially in this area. 

​Emotional Therapy & Respiratory Conditions: Chinese Massage In London


This massage focuses on the back, upper chest and also upper limbs. It is very supportive for the Lungs.


So Tuina can be quite impactful for those affected by asthma and respiratory conditions in general. It is beneficial when we experience emotional states of depression, grief, and lack of self-esteem and boundaries.


We may use Cupping and gua sha too, in this massage.


​Chinese Massage For Headache & Migraine

This tuina treatment focuses on the chest and upper abdomen. It is an excellent massage for treating emotional upsets by creating space in the chest. Thus, it can improve movement in the diaphragm and anchor the Qi down.


Any other condition with rising Qi to the head will benefit from this massage: headaches, migraines and sensory issues such as vertigo, dizziness and dry eyes. Still, we can include head and face massages for extra relaxation. 

Relaxing Tuina Face Massage


This face massage might include some light cupping and gua sha. It is very calming and soothing, creating a sense of relaxation.


At the same time, improved blood circulation in the tissues will benefit the appearance and tone of the skin.


Depending on your needs, we can focus on the Face only, the Head and face, the Face and neck, or the Face and upper chest.


​Foot Tuina Massage


What is a Chinese foot massage? This tuina treatment treats issues both around the knees and feet, including fasciitis.

"I highly recommend Patrizia as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Having been her client for several years, I have found her treatment and care exceptional. In particular, I found the Tuina Chinese massage extremely helpful for fatigue, digestion and hormonal imbalance issues. The massage was also very restorative and relaxing. I will return to Patrizia in the future.​"  - Ann

What Our Clients Say


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  • What is the duration of a session?
    Our sessions are customizable, ranging from 30 to 90 minutes to accommodate your schedule and preferences.
  • Do you offer Gift Vouchers?
    Certainly! We provide gift vouchers applicable to any of our services, including Acupuncture, various Massage types, and Cupping therapy.
  • How much does a full body massage cost in London?
    Session prices vary based on duration, ranging from £45 for 30 minutes to £115 for a 90-minute appointment. Take advantage of our discounted treatment packages.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You can cancel your appointment at A to Zen therapies at no cost up to 24 hours in advance.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    We accept card and cash payments. Alternatively, you can prepay when booking your appointment online. ​
  • Can I combine different treatments?
    Absolutely! You have the flexibility to combine any of the treatments we offer to tailor your wellness experience according to your preferences and needs.
  • Do you tip for massage in London?
    We don't expect anyone to tip our therapists. But of course it is always appreciated! All tips go to the therapist who treats you
  • What are A to zen city therapies opening times?
    Our business operates Monday through Friday with varying opening hours. Please check our current availability for specific times.
  • What is the most requested massage?
    Undoubtedly, our most popular massage treatment is Deep tissue massage. We are true masters at it!
  • Is 90 minutes of massage worth it?
    We recommend longer sessions such as 90 minutes massage if you have specific issues and a few areas of tension that require attention. Because this will let us work the issues thoroughly while leading to deeper relaxation and stress relief.
  • Do you have a Loyalty Program?
    Yes! Discover how to earn points and redeem exclusive discounts on your sessions and packages.
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