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Nurturing Your London Pregnancy Journey with Expert Massage Therapy & Acupuncture

Welcome to your one-stop portal for everything you need to know about pregnancy massage in London!


Pregnancy in London can be full of excitement, challenges, and physical changes. While you're creating a new life, your body experiences aches, pains, and discomfort as several changes occur.


These changes can cause discomfort and stress, especially when combined with stress factors such as work, family responsibilities, and financial issues. 

That's where pregnancy massage steps in to offer targeted relief and deep relaxation. Pregnancy massages can help relieve these symptoms and improve the mother's and baby's quality of life, especially if you are in chaotic London. 

What Is A Pregnancy Massage?

What Is It

A pregnancy massage is a particular type of massage therapy.


It aims to help expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy journey by addressing their unique physical and emotional needs.

It is a great complementary prenatal care option to get relief from common physical discomforts like lower back pain, sciatica, and swollen feet.


Since it is a very relaxing treatment, it also promotes a sense of calmness and emotional balance.


How Does Pregnancy Massage Differ From Regular Massage?

While Regular and Pregnancy massage both offer benefits such as relaxation and release of muscle tension, a prenatal massage therapist tailors the treatment specifically to the needs of the expecting mother.


In fact, several factors differ between the 2 treatments, such as:

  • Positioning: We take into account the comfort and safety of both the mother and the baby. Because of this, we provide extra pillows and bolsters to let expectant mothers relax in a side-lying position.

  • Techniques: We only use techniques catered to pregnant women, such as longer and gentler strokes than in a normal Deep tissue massage. Additionally, we use stretches and pressure point work for optimal results. We avoid specific pressure points and techniques that may be contraindicated during pregnancy.

  • Focus: The session is tailored to accommodate the specific stage of pregnancy and the individual needs of the expectant mother. For example, many women around 20 weeks pregnant often experience lower back pain. This is because their bodies prepare for labour and release more relaxin, which can affect stability. Other common requests from our pregnant clients are relief from leg circulation issues and promoting a sense of calmness.


What Are The Benefits Of A Prenatal Massage?

Why should you try pregnancy massage in London?

  • Fluid retention and oedema (swelling) in the arms and legs. We combine pregnancy massage with specific lymphatic drainage massage London techniques to improve blood flow and lymph.

  • Improved sleep: Relaxation can raise endorphins, the so-called "happy hormones". Our specialised pregnancy massage treatment is exceptionally calming. Thus, it can help you restore a healthy sleep pattern and feel restored and rejuvenated in the morning. 

  • Anxiety, pregnancy depression or other negative emotions. Relaxation is critical when you are preparing for childbirth. Research into the progression of labour has shown that stress can impede continuous delivery and increase pain. Our peaceful Pregnancy massage is a safe and incredibly relaxing treatment for mums-to-be and their babies, which is another good reason to choose it! 


  • Fatigue and the strain on joints and muscles (Lower back pain/Sciatica/Cramps)

  • Nausea, Heartburn, Constipation

We are here to support you through this journey and offer advice, emphasising aftercare and self-empowerment.


During each session, we will discuss your needs and advise you accordingly with pregnancy stretches, breathing techniques and individual or partnered exercises.

Who We Help

Who We Can Help


Why should you try pregnancy massage in London?

We welcome women in the second and third trimester of pregnancy.


Although there is no documented risk associated with receiving a pregnancy massage during the first trimester, we recommend waiting.


Your body is undergoing significant changes during this time, and it's best not to overwhelm it with additional stimuli.

The treatment aims to help both:

  • Women with pregnancy-related issues. These commonly include leg swelling, pelvic dysfunction and lower back pain. We also offer compassionate care for women experiencing pregnancy depression and in need of a bit more support for their emotional well-being.

  • Pregnant Women who are not experiencing any particular problem but love to feel connected to their bodies and their growing baby. 


​So Whether you're experiencing mid-trimester back pain or late-term discomfort, rest assured that our pregnancy massage in London can be tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Our Pregnancy Massage In London

We offer a bespoke prenatal treatment that blends traditional massage therapy techniques with Pregnancy Acupuncture.


Monica, Our pregnancy massage therapist, combines Massage strokes with gentle stretches, specific pregnancy pressure points and energy work.


Thanks to this box of many great tools, she can tailor the treatment to your changing needs and then adapt it as your body changes.

With her certification in prenatal massage and extensive hands-on experience working with expectant mothers, you can trust that you're in capable and caring hands.

Postnatal Massage

Why Choose Postnatal Massage Therapy?

Most women find that looking after a baby can be very tiring. Receiving postnatal massage therapy treatments could support you by:

  • Boosting and maintaining energy levels

  • Encouraging hormonal balance, which improves your mood and sleep patterns

  • Assisting you with breast milk production

  • Increase the circulation and help to flush out any remaining water retention (thanks to specialised lymphatic drainage massage techniques)


  • Help promote uterine contractions by stimulating specific pressure points, which can help you regain your figure.

What Our Client Say

"I enjoy every session of my pregnancy massages in London with Monica. She has magical hands, and my lower back stops hurting after most treatments. Generally, I feel very relaxed and comfortable. Plus, the stretches and extra care she suggests are always helpful for longer-term maintenance." 

Ana, City of London


Book Now

Looking for a Pregnancy Massage Near You?

Embrace a nurturing and relaxing experience. Book your pregnancy massage today and discover the difference it can make in your pregnancy journey. Call us at 020 4577 0092 or Whatsapp 075 9537 8108

  • What is the duration of a session?
    Our sessions are customizable, ranging from 30 to 90 minutes to accommodate your schedule and preferences.
  • Do you offer Gift Vouchers?
    Certainly! We provide gift vouchers applicable to any of our services, including Acupuncture, various Massage types, and Cupping therapy.
  • How much does a full body massage cost in London?
    Session prices vary based on duration, ranging from £45 for 30 minutes to £115 for a 90-minute appointment. Take advantage of our discounted treatment packages.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You can cancel your appointment at A to Zen therapies at no cost up to 24 hours in advance.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    We accept card and cash payments. Alternatively, you can prepay when booking your appointment online. ​
  • Can I combine different treatments?
    Absolutely! You have the flexibility to combine any of the treatments we offer to tailor your wellness experience according to your preferences and needs.
  • Do you tip for massage in London?
    We don't expect anyone to tip our therapists. But of course it is always appreciated! All tips go to the therapist who treats you
  • What are A to zen city therapies opening times?
    Our business operates Monday through Friday with varying opening hours. Please check our current availability for specific times.
  • What is the most requested massage?
    Undoubtedly, our most popular massage treatment is Deep tissue massage. We are true masters at it!
  • Is 90 minutes of massage worth it?
    We recommend longer sessions such as 90 minutes massage if you have specific issues and a few areas of tension that require attention. Because this will let us work the issues thoroughly while leading to deeper relaxation and stress relief.
  • Do you have a Loyalty Program?
    Yes! Discover how to earn points and redeem exclusive discounts on your sessions and packages.
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