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monica cannazza massage therapist

M O N I C A   C.

indipendent massage therapist


indipendent male massage therapist in london


Monica's expertise and qualifications encompass a diverse range of holistic healing practices. Her multi-faceted approach in combining TCM, acupuncture, and Thai massage reflects a dedication to providing comprehensive and personalized care to her clients, addressing their specific health concerns and overall well-being.

Patrizia provides Chinese medicine treatments such as Acupuncture and Tuina medical massage. She also does Cupping, Moxa e Gua sha, and qigong exercises to support you genuinely and holistically. Her area of expertise is fertility, digestive and emotional problems

Tibor is fully licensed in Massage and Acupuncture with 19 years of experience. He will customize your treatment depending on your needs, using a blend of massage and Alternative Medicine techniques, such as Cupping, Acupuncture and deep tissue/sports massage.

indipendent massage therapist in london


indipendent massage therapist

M O N I C A  P.

Samuel has over 19 years in the luxury spa and massage industry. He is qualified in deep tissue massage, relaxing massage, myofascial dry cupping, aromatherapy, sports massage, and reflexology. 

Monica has founded A to Zen Therapies and is a holistic therapist specializing in Thai & deep tissue massage and reflexology since 2009.

All our holistic massage therapists are passionate, professional, and personable while working hard to exceed your expectations. All our therapists are committed to continuous development and offer a fully integrated holistic healthcare approach that treats the body, mind, and spirit. 

Our highly experienced team of experienced holistic massage therapists & Acupuncturists can offer various techniques, advice and aftercare depending on your symptoms. They have helped people with multiple conditions including, but not limited to, sciatica symptoms, lower back pain,  scar tissue tension, plantar fasciitis, neck pain, knee pain, tension headaches and migraines, stress management and anxiety.

In sum, we are here to support you and help to make you feel the best you can! We hope to see you at our clinics in the City of London, at Light Centre Monument.

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monica bio
indipendent female massage therapist in london


"Wow! Where to start? The highlight of my day, my week and my month, I go in tense and come out buzzing, walking on a cloud, totally relaxed. Thus my body is removed from tension. In sum, a truly amazing experience from someone who is unbelievably talented."

Darren - Deep tissue massage (London)


Monica is the principal therapist and founder of A to Zen Therapies and a holistic therapist specializing in reflexology, shiatsu, holistic and deep tissue massage since 2009. 

Having left the fashion industry behind to follow her passion for holistic medicine, Monica travelled to Thailand and Bali, where she learned traditional massage therapies and healing techniques. In London, Monica studied shiatsu, reflexology and deep tissue massage for four years. She started her holistic practice in Central London.

In her clinic and home and corporate visits, Monica continues using her extensive experience and scope of practice to help resolve postural misalignments, chronic pain, insomnia, and migraines, help maintain optimal muscle and joint health, and, no less importantly, enhance emotional well-being. 

While working with clients from elite athletes to corporate workers, Monica has helped with numerous lower back issues, frozen shoulders, trapped nerves and sports injury cases.

An essential part of Monica's practice is women's health and fertility. She has helped multiple women with PMS, fibromyalgia, and menopause symptoms, as well as women trying to have a baby with natural methods or using IVF:

"Thanks to the specialized training as well as through my observing and experimentation, I can recognize a disorder and deliver a personalized treatment or a course of treatments that I will tailor to suit client's needs and to provide them with the support they need on the journey to healing and self-empowerment."

"Monica is indeed the best deep tissue massage I can find in London. I would recommend her to anyone if they don't take my spot!" ​


David - Deep tissue massage (London)

Qualifications and Professional Membership

  • Three years Diploma in Shiatsu Do-in (Japanese Massage therapy)

  • IPTI Certificate in Traditional Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage

  • APNT Diploma in Pregnancy Massage Therapy

  • ABS Diploma in Reflexology

  • ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage Therapy

  • AAPA Diploma in Indian Head Massage 

  • City&Guilds Diploma in Seated Acupressure Massage Therapy

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Deep tissue Massage 

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Myofascial Release

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Supporting a Healthy Menstrual Cycle & Fertility with Shiatsu

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Fertility, Pregnancy & Post Natal Reflexology

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Spinal Reflexology

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Facial Reflexology

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Traditional Thai Therapeutic Yoga Massage (Old Medicine Hospital, Thailand)

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Massage Tool Course

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Fertility Reflexology for Assisted Conception

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Dry Needling for Musculoskeletal condition

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Zone Facelift Massage 

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Advanced Zone Facelift Massage

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Lymphatic Drainage Massage

lower back massage done by female therapist
patrizia bio



indipendent female massage therapist in london

Patrizia approached Chinese medicine via Qigong, which she started practising in 2007. She trained to teach Qigong before becoming a Chinese medicine practitioner.

Patrizia provides Acupuncture and Tuina Chinese medical massage. She also uses Cupping, Moxa e Gua sha, along with qigong exercises as an integral part of her approach to health and well-being. Based on the holistic nature of Chinese medicine, she also provides online health coaching on maintaining and promoting vitality by addressing everyday eating and sleeping habits. 


She is particularly interested in digestive and emotional conditions, the last ones extending to the menstrual cycle and menopause. As a complement to the clinic sessions and standing on their own, she ran online educational programs to promote the health of the menstrual cycle and a deep understanding of its nature, from the fertility years into menopause.


Tui Na Medical MassageRejuvenating Face massageAcupunctureEar AcupunctureCuppingFertility bespoke treatment 


"I highly recommend Patrizia as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Having been her client for several years, I have found her treatment and care exceptional. In particular, I found the Tuina massage extremely helpful for fatigue, digestion and hormonal imbalance issues. The massage was also very restorative and relaxing. In a word: just amazing!"

Ann - Tuina Medical Massage (London)

"I've had the pleasure of trying both Patrizia's Womanessence online classes and her massage therapy. The first helped me approach everyday life with a newfound awareness of my body, from nutrition to sleeping habits. I've started making little changes that help me feel more energized and focused. I then went for a consultation and massage because of ongoing back pain. Patrizia managed to pinpoint possible triggers and also gave me the advice to alleviate the pain. The massage helped, and I'm looking forward to seeing her again."


Lilith -Acupuncture & Massage (London)

"Having had some ongoing issues with the menopause but wanting to take a more holistic approach. Surely, It was a welcome breath of fresh air to take Patrizia's online course. I found Patrizia's approach to teaching very warming and knowledgable, so much so that this led to some great pointers that I still put into practice today; I can't thank her enough."

Anna  - Fertility Bespoke Treatment



monica c
monica cannazza massage therapist picture


Monica's expertise and qualifications encompass a diverse range of holistic healing practices, allowing her to provide comprehensive care tailored to her client's individual needs. Here's an overview of her skill set and areas of specialization:

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture

  • Treatment Range: Monica's acupuncture practice covers a wide array of conditions, including chronic pain, musculoskeletal issues, anxiety, insomnia, stress, fatigue, tension headaches, and women's health.

  • Holistic Approach: She focuses on identifying the root cause of imbalances and applies various therapeutic approaches to restore health and well-being.

Thai Massage

  • Technique Overview: Monica's Thai massage involves passive movements, yoga-based stretching, acupressure along meridians, and compressions. This approach offers a strong therapeutic effect, promoting mobility, relaxation, flexibility, stress release, and targeted relief for tensed or restricted areas of the body.

  • Certifications: Monica holds certifications in various specialized Thai massage techniques, including Chi Nei Tsang (Thai abdominal massage), Advanced Stretches, Thai massage with feet, and Thai massage for pregnancy.

Professional Memberships and Continuous Learning

  • Affiliations: Monica is a member of the Acupuncture Society and the Complementary Therapist Association, showcasing her commitment to professional standards and best practices in the field.

  • Continued Professional Development (CPD): She regularly pursues continued education through workshops and CPD courses. Notably, Monica recently obtained certifications in Electroacupuncture for musculoskeletal conditions and a Foundation in acupuncture for fertility, demonstrating her dedication to expanding her skill set.

Monica's commitment to ongoing learning and her multi-faceted approach in combining TCM, acupuncture, and Thai massage reflects a dedication to providing comprehensive and personalized care to her clients, addressing their specific health concerns and overall well-being.


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Acupuncture, CuppingDeep tissue/Sports MassageRelaxing MassageRejuvenating Face MassageThai massage, Private Yoga Class 1-1


"Friendly massage therapist who knows how to always finds the right spots! Thanks, Monica" 

Mark - Deep tissue Massage (London)

"A truly tailored session. I loved Monica's acupuncture and appreciated how she could listen and made me feel at ease. She also gave me many practical tips I'm keen to try!" 

Noemi - Acupuncture (London)

"Wow, what a strong treatment! I enjoyed the stretches and felt much lighter and looser after only 1 hour! Already Looking forward to my next session."

Lisa - Thai massage


tibor bio


indipendent male massage therapist in london



Tibor has a long-lasting experience almost 19 years in Acupuncture and Massage Therapy. He got his BSc (Hons) in Traditional Chinese Medicine from London South Bank University. His approach blends theories and practices between mainstream, complementary, and alternative medicine. 


With his clinical experience, Tibor can help people suffering from a diverse range of conditions, such as physical, emotional, and mental. He often uses a combination of acupuncture and massage to ensure his clients experience a physical and psychological release after each treatment. 

Tibor can create personalized treatment plans that combine acupuncture, massage, cupping and exercise.


Deep tissue/Sports MassageRejuvenating Face massageLymphatic Drainage MassageRelaxing MassageAcupunctureCupping

"Amazing! My favourite massage therapist in London. Tibor is incredibly skilled, paired with his beautiful, nurturing presence. I'll be back soon."

Amelia - Deep tissue Massage (London)

"This is much more than just a face massage; I felt very light and relaxed all over my body and mind. Great treatment. High recommended" 

Noah - Face massage (London)

"Magic hands! I can turn my head again"

Ann - Massage & Cupping (London)

indipendent male massage therapist in london


"I would recommend Sam for his excellent deep tissue massage treatment. He is a brilliant therapist, very professional, personable and knowledgeable indeed." ​


Sara - Deep tissue massage (London)



Samuel has over 19 years both in the luxury spa and massage industry. He qualified in many therapies, such as deep tissue massage, relaxing massage, myofascial dry cupping, aromatherapy, sports massage and reflexology. 



Thanks to his multidisciplinary approach, Samuel understands the importance of responding to each request for a massage, which can range from relaxing and therapeutic to more vigorous sports massage that works on postural and muscular imbalances, back pain, tension headaches, sporting and non-sporting injuries, while giving post-massage maintenance and exercise advice.


He has long-lasting experience treating celebrities and first-class flyers and creating relaxing experiences in luxury spas. Thus you can be assured your treatment is targeted with good aftercare advice to improve your comfortable experience.


Deep tissue/Sports MassageRelaxing MassageAromatherapyReflexology, Cupping

"I had a wonderful massage at this venue. Samuel is one of the most talented massage therapists I have known. He identified my problem and solved it with a memorable massage." 

Walter - Sports massage (London)

"Very different experience from a normal massage. Take you into another world." ​​

Anna - Relaxing massage (London)

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