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How To Safely Promote Labour Induction, Pain Relief & Calmness With Acupuncture

Updated: Jun 21

Are you trying to induce labour naturally? In this article, we will delve into the safe methods of promoting labour induction, pain relief, and calmness through the use of pregnancy acupuncture and natural methods.

woman lying on massage bed receving pregnancy acupuncture for labour induction on lower leg

How To Kick Start Labour Naturally At 38 Weeks

Safe and Natural Approaches for When Baby's Almost Here (But Not Quite!)

As your due date approaches, you're likely looking for ways to prepare for a comfortable and positive labour experience.

Before we explore natural methods to induce labour naturally, we would like to remind you that every pregnancy is different. What works for one woman might not work for another.

Remember your baby will arrive when they're ready!

Here are some ways to consider kickstarting labor naturally at 38 weeks. But remember: it's always best to consult your doctor before trying these methods.

  • Exercise: Walking, bouncing on a birthing ball, or gentle pregnancy workouts may help encourage your baby to move into position and potentially stimulate contractions.

  • Spicy Food (if tolerated): Spicy food can irritate your digestive system, which might indirectly trigger uterine contractions (though not guaranteed and can cause heartburn for some).

  • Sex (if medically approved): Semen contains prostaglandins, which can help soften the cervix and prepare it for labor. However, discuss this option with your doctor first, especially if you have any risk factors.

  • Nipple Stimulation (with caution): This can trigger the release of oxytocin, the hormone that causes contractions. However, it can also be very stimulating and lead to overly strong contractions, so discuss this with your doctor first.

pregnant woman trying to relax

  • Embrace Relaxation Techniques: Quieting your mind and body through relaxation techniques can be incredibly beneficial. It can help you feel more prepared for labour and manage any discomfort that may arise. Consider exploring options like mindfulness colouring, which can combat stress and help you to rest well.

  • Pressure points on feet: Foot massage may stimulate uterine contractions and cervical dilation by releasing certain hormones, like oxytocin.

  • Acupuncture for Labour Induction: Acupuncture may help to promote relaxation and potentially influence labour.

What Is Acupuncture For Labour Induction?

Can It Help Get Things Started?

Acupuncture is an ancient alternative health therapy. It is based on the theory that stimulating specific points around the body through the insertion of needles can encourage specific nerve signals to travel to the brain. These then relay the signal to the corresponding area of the body, including the major organs. So, we stimulate the blood flow to that area, enhancing both the healing process and the removal of toxins.

Acupuncture for labour induction is a specialised form of acupuncture. It tries to stimulate the several conditions occurring during this process. Furthermore, it can help the mum-to-be to better manage her energies towards this task.

This form of treatment focuses on promoting blood flow to the uterus. It also stimulates the production of Oxytocin, which causes uterine contractions during labour.

We frequently receive inquiries from pregnant ladies questioning the efficacy of acupuncture in inducing labour or if it remains merely a myth.

Of course, every woman is different, and there are no guarantees. But in our experience as maternity acupuncturists, we can testify that stimulating specific pressure points can induce labour naturally! Some of our maternity clients have been able to avoid a medical induction of labour, especially when receiving acupuncture treatments regularly.

For the best results, we suggest receiving this type of treatment from week 38 of pregnancy every week.

What Are The Benefits Of Acupuncture For Labour Induction?

Understanding the Potential Role of Acupuncture in Labour

Let's explore how Pregnancy Acupuncture might support labour:

  • Relaxation: For many, Acupuncture is a natural rescue remedy for anxiety In fact, it may help reduce stress and anxiety, creating a calmer environment for labour progression. Relaxation is key when you are preparing for childbirth. Research into the progression of labour has shown that stress can impede a steady delivery and increase pain.

  • Pain Management: Some studies suggest acupuncture may relieve pain during contractions, potentially enhancing comfort. This has led to its inclusion in some pain management programmes offered to expecting mothers.

  • Potential Induction: Acupuncture stimulates specific pathways and promotes uterine contractions, encouraging natural labour.

  • The safe, natural approach: Pregnancy Acupuncture for labour induction is a safe and incredibly relaxing treatment, both for mums-to-be and their babies, which is another good reason to choose it! 

What Science Says

Acupuncture for Labour Induction: Exploring the Evidence

A few studies suggest that women receiving regular Acupuncture treatments during pregnancy tend to deliver closer to term. They also have shorter labours and are less likely to require medical intervention.

In this trial, researchers reported that the application of the acupuncture technique significantly decreased pain intensity at 30, 60, and 120 minutes after intervention, as well as the duration of labour and anxiety level. Furthermore, a significant difference was observed between the two groups regarding the frequency distribution of the type of labour and Apgar score.

Another study suggests maternity acupuncture might contribute to a more natural birth experience, with women potentially experiencing fewer C-sections, less reliance on pain medication, shorter inductions, and reduced hospital stays.

water birth


What women say

"I was overdue and feeling anxious about labor when I decided to try pregnancy acupuncture for induction. After just a few sessions, I began to feel mild contractions, and within a couple of days, I went into labor naturally. I'm grateful for the gentle and effective approach of acupuncture."

"As my due date approached, I was hesitant to induce labor with medical interventions. Acupuncture seemed like a natural alternative. After a single session, I started experiencing rhythmic contractions, and within hours, I was in active labor. Acupuncture played a significant role in my positive birthing experience."

"I had been trying various methods to kickstart labour naturally with no success until I tried acupuncture for pregnancy induction. I was amazed at how quickly it worked. After just one session, my contractions intensified, and I gave birth to my baby the next day. Acupuncture truly made a difference for me."

How Many Acupuncture Treatments For Labour Induction Will I Need?

Finding Your Optimal Treatment Schedule

Every woman is different, so this may vary significantly.

If you have been having acupuncture throughout your pregnancy, the process of inducing labour might be easier.

On the contrary, if you have not received regular acupuncture, we suggest you start having this type of treatment from week 37/38 of pregnancy every week.

In case you are already overdue and are scheduled for a medical induction, we recommend receiving this as much as you can afford. Ideally, we would combine it with a reflexology session.

Why Choose Us

Your Partner in Pregnancy Wellness

Over 10 years, we've helped countless mothers embark on a healthy pregnancy journey. We

offer comprehensive support from the beginning, prioritizing the well-being of both mom and baby.

We also offer tailored aftercare advice. When the due date approaches, we usually teach the partner a few feet acupressure points (based on the Acupuncture body system). So that he/she can assist the mum-to-be during labour. Thus helping her to keep calm and ease a little bit of pain.

Book your first appointment today, and enjoy a tailored pregnancy treatment from experienced practitioners!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about this article! Please share your experience and whether acupuncture has helped you to induce labour at home and avoid medical induction!

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aijaz ali khushik
Dec 18, 2023

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine practice that involves the insertion of thin needles into specific points on the body. While there is limited scientific evidence supporting its effectiveness in promoting labor induction, pain relief, and calmness, some individuals may choose to explore acupuncture as a complementary therapy during pregnancy and childbirth. If you're considering acupuncture for these purposes, here are some guidelines to promote safety:

1. Consult with your healthcare provider: Before starting any complementary therapy, including acupuncture, it's crucial to consult with your healthcare provider, such as an obstetrician or midwife. They can provide guidance and ensure that acupuncture is safe for your specific situation.

2. Choose a qualified and licensed acupuncturist: Look for a licensed acupuncturist who…

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