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Monica is the principal therapist and founder of A to Zen Therapies and a holistic therapist, specialising in reflexology, shiatsu, holistic and deep tissue massage since 2009. 

Massimiliano is an accredited Sports & Remedial Massage therapist with two years of experience in deep tissue, sports and traditional Thai massage techniques, and his style is described as energetic and reinvigorating. 


Miriam has nearly a decade of experience treating people, using a blend of massage Alternative Medicine techniques, such as reflexology, shiatsu, and deep tissue/sports massage.

All our holistic massage therapists are passionate, professional, and personable and work really hard to exceed your expectations. All our therapists are committed to continuous development and offer a fully integrated holistic health care approach that treats not only the body but the mind and spirit as well. 

Our highly experienced team of holistic massage therapists can offer various techniques (such as Deep tissue massage, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology for Fertility & Pregnancy and Holistic Beauty treatments such as Japanese facelift massage & Lymphatic drainage massage), advice and aftercare dependant on your symptoms. They have helped people with a variety of conditions including, but not limited to, lower back pain, sciatica symptoms, scar tissue tension, plantar fasciitis, neck pain, knee pain, tension headaches and migraines, stress management and anxiety.

We are here to support you and help to make you feel the best you can! We hope to see you at one of our clinics in the City of London. We offer our services at Still Point Massage centre in Liverpool Street, Light centre Monument & Light centre Moorgate. 




Monica is the principal therapist and founder of A to Zen Therapies and a holistic therapist, specialising in reflexology, shiatsu, holistic and deep tissue massage since 2009. 


Having left the fashion industry behind in order to follow her passion for holistic medicine, Monica travelled to Thailand and Bali where she learned traditional massage therapies and healing techniques. Back in London, Monica spent four years studying shiatsu, reflexology and deep tissue massage and started her own holistic practise in Central London.


In her clinic, as well as home and corporate visits, Monica continues using her extensive experience and scope of practice to help resolve postural misalignments, chronic pain, insomnia, migraines, help maintain the optimal muscle and joint health and, no less important, enhance emotional wellbeing. 


While working with a range of clients from professional athletes to full-time mums, gym-goers and City workers, Monica has helped with numerous lower back issues, frozen shoulders, trapped nerves and sports injury cases.


An important part of Monica’s practise is women’s health and fertility. She has helped multiple women with PMS, fibromyalgia, menopause symptoms as well as women trying for a baby with natural methods or using IVF:


“Thanks to the specialised training as well as through my own observing and experimentation, I am able to recognise a disorder and deliver a personalised treatment or a course of treatments, that will be uniquely tailored to suit client’s needs and to provide them with the support they need on the journey to healing and self-empowerment.”


"I had a facial massage and reflexology with Monica and it was amazing. It felt like I had been there for about 3 hours and after a few weeks of stress this is exactly what I needed" 


Andrea - Japanese facelift massage & Reflexology

"Monica is the best deep tissue massage I can find. I would recommend her to anyone.... as long as they don't take my spot!” 

David - Deep tissue massage

Qualifications and Professional Membership

  • 3 years Diploma in Shiatsu Do-in (Japanese Massage therapy)

  • IPTI Certificate in Traditional Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage

  • APNT Diploma in Pregnancy Massage Therapy

  • ABS Diploma in Reflexology

  • ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage Therapy

  • AAPA Diploma in Indian Head Massage 

  • City&Guilds Diploma in Seated Acupressure Massage Therapy

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Deep tissue Massage 

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Myofascial Release

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Supporting a Healthy Menstrual Cycle & Fertility with Shiatsu

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Fertility, Pregnancy & Post Natal Reflexology

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Spinal Reflexology

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Facial Reflexology

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Traditional Thai Therapeutic Yoga Massage (Old Medicine Hospital, Thailand)

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Massage Tool Course

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Fertility Reflexology for Assisted Conception

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Dry Needling for Musculoskeletal condition

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Zone Facelift Massage 

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Advanced Zone Facelift Massage

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Lymphatic Drainage Massage





"I would definitely recommend Massimiliano for excellent deep tissue massage treatment. He is a brilliant therapist, very professional, personable and knowledgeable.” 

Sara - Deep tissue massage

"I had a wonderful massage at this venue. Massi is one of the most talented massage therapists I have known. He identified my problem and solved it with a memorable massage.” 

Walter - Thai massage

Massimiliano is an accredited Sports & Remedial Massage therapist with two years of experience in deep tissue, sports and traditional Thai massage techniques, and his style is described as energetic and reinvigorating. 


Having had experience working in both clinic and spa environments, Massimiliano understands the importance of responding to each individual request for a massage, that can range from relaxing and therapeutic to stronger sports massage that works on postural and muscular imbalances, back pain, tension headaches and sporting and non-sporting injuries.


Massimiliano will tailor your massage based on your request, as well as your lifestyle and medical history, and he is qualified to give post-massage maintenance and exercise advice.


Massimiliano also offers traditional Thai herbal compressions massage, which is a wonderful holistic technique that combines fully clothed Thai massage with application of fragrant, heated bags of salt and herbs to soothe both sore muscles and relax the mind. It’s a mix of strong bodywork and relaxing aromatherapy.


ITEC Diploma Holistic Massage Therapist, Level 3 - London


Sports & Remedial Massage, Level 3 - London


Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Level 4 - Chiang Mai, Thailand




"Amazing! My favourite massage in London. Miriam is incredibly skilled paired with her beautiful nurturing presence. I'm already looking forward to my next one.” 

Amelia - Deep tissue Massage

"Very different experience from normal massage. Take you into another world” 

Anna - Shiatsu massage

"This is much more than just a face massage, i felt very light and relax all over my body. My mind was more clear as well. Great treatment. High recomended” 

Noah - Face massage

Miriam has a natural ability to relieve people from the pain they hide within them. This ability is supported with the knowledge she acquired through years of intensive training.


In 2012 she initiated her studies in Reflexology in Portugal and followed with Shiatsu, Japanese Rejuvenation Facial Massage and Soft Tissue Management in England.

Her awareness developed step by step, health and priorities in life started to change.

Miriam targets the root of the problem and strives to help one's body and mind awareness evolve, enabling people to look after themselves in more depth physically, mentally and emotionally.


Miriam is still very passionate and fascinated at the way the Mind manifests through the Body, and she incorporates this concept into every treatment. She believes Mind, Body and Emotions all come as one, helping others achieve better health and well-being in their own lives.


  • 3 years Diploma in Shiatsu Do-in (Japanese Massage therapy)

  • Japanese Rejuvenation Facial Massage - BSS, London

  • Diploma in Reflexology - Procuradissimo School, Portugal

  • Diploma in Sport Massage Therapy - Manchester School of Massage

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Deep Tissue & Stretches

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Embody Chakras 

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Shiatsu Structural Alignment

  • Advanced Massage Therapy: Pregnancy Shiatsu

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