H O W   T O  A C H I E V E  A  B E T T E R    H O R M O N A L    B A L A N C E 
 A N D 
B O O S T   Y O U R   F E R T I L I T Y  N A T U R A L L Y  

Most of us know that if we don’t sleep well, it can be difficult to function the day after; or that we usually feel more energetic in summer than winter. Even though it seems we forgot about the natural cycles of day & light and seasons, and we live totally disconnected from their rhythm. Another cycle which gets much neglected is the monthly cycle. Women are supposed to rest when menstruating but in our modern living setup, it is often a struggle to do that. More and more women don’t renew their energy properly and consequently, there is an increased number of menstrual disorders and irregularities. 


In this page, you will find information to learn more about your reproductive health and lots of practical advice to support and improve your hormonal balance. You will learn how to bring more awareness to your daily, monthly and seasonal cycles of energy renewal through exercises, diet and lifestyle advice. 


The reason why I decided to create this space is to educate and share all the knowledge I've gathered through the years. I’ve been suffering from PCOS and irregular periods since I was a teenager, and it is only through self-awareness and a continuous exploration and experimentation of natural remedies that today I feel empowered and much more in control of my reproductive health. 

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