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Here are some simple video static & dynamic stretching examples to learn how to stretch the pecs, better know as the chest area! They can help you to not only straighten up your back, thus getting a bigger looking and wider chest, but also they can ease upper back pain.

We particularly recommend these stretches to all of you who sit in front of a computer all day and tend to hunch forward. These simple static & Dynamic Stretching examples can be performed even when you sit at your desk! Regain your flexibility now! 


Whether you are about to work out, you have been sitting all day, or you have just got up from your bed, we recommend to warm up your body with Dynamic Stretching. Dynamic stretches are active movements which help to warm up your joints safely, activate and loosen up your back muscles, improving flexibility and preventing injury. 

On the contrary, Static stretches are usually held for 10 to 30 seconds and don't involve active movement. Therefore if your muscles are cold, don’t perform static stretches as you may pull some muscles, and only do them post-exercise. 

We also recommend to learn how to use a foam roller as it can be highly effective to ease pain and tension in the body. 



For more ideas, visit our Youtube channel

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